About Us

You'll drive over 1 million miles in your lifetime, and KMR Driving School prepares you for every turn of the wheel. It's about respecting the power now in your hands and being responsible to yourself and others with intelligent choices, good behavior, and practice.

Educators by trade, the founders of KMR Driving School knows HOW you teach is as important as WHAT you teach. KMR Driving School instructor not only enjoy teaching our students but also motivates young people with games, fun and engaging textbooks, interactive materials, and lively trainers. They use proprietary technology, techniques, and strict instructional guidelines, standing by each and every one.

  • Unique use of humor, video and hands-on lessons makes learning fun in our relaxed classroom setting
  • Guests who speak from experience; police officers, accident survivors and others
  • All sessions taught in our "NO ZONE" environment: smoke-free, text-free, phone-free and bully-free. ZERO-TOLERANCE STRICTLY ENFORCED
  • Proven mix of innovative classroom and high level on-the-road training
  • Training vehicles kept in the highest level of repair and readiness
  • Vehicles equipped with first-aid kit, hazardous road kit, hand sanitizer

Our instructors, in addition to meeting all of the state minimum requirements of FBI and state criminal background checks, medical evaluation and state required course work, must be completed. Our instructors are required to take training in CPR, First Aid and sexual harassment prevention in addition to yearly & Bi-Annual In-Service training's.

Our KMR Driving School Instructors are known in the industry for their fun and detailed approach to driver ed. We don't just teach students how to drive. We teach how to anticipate, avoid and survive the hazards on the open road.

All of our instructor's time and dedication to go above and beyond the basics of being a state certified instructor, is what makes each and every one of them the best in the business and help us deliver our driver education services the KMR Driving School way!

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